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Meet the artist behind our beautiful and original Crowning Glory Birth Company logo.


Hello to my fellow unique flowers! My name is Andi Riley. I am an artist, a college graduate, and now a new mother. Being a mother is something I've been waiting for nearly my whole life. Yes, I've always wanted to be an artist. Of course, I've always strived to graduate from college (twice might I add!). No doubt my goal was always to travel, even if it was only in my own backyard of Minnesota. But when creating these goals, I've always seen myself doing them as a mother. 


At the age of 25, I gave birth to my healthy daughter Zorah Riley. On October 23, 2017 at 10:31 pm she was delivered via c-section. Let me be the first to tell you it was not an easy birth. Things went unplanned. Things were difficult to predict. Things were unbearable for lack of a better word. But I would do it a billion times over again if that meant having Zorah in my life. 


I feel it's okay to be open and honest with my experience of giving birth/ being pregnant. This is why I am so happy to have worked with Ashley's business Crowning Glory Birth Co. This is what all soon to be mothers should be able to do. Be open to express the happy thoughts, share the scary thoughts, ask questions about things that are confusing, feel as comfortable as possible! Remember, we are all unique wild flowers!!! 


- Andi Riley 


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